Canadian Eskimo Dog Temperament and Lifespan

This dog does not leave anyone indifferent! Any person has an indelible impression of a powerful physique, stern and uncompromising expression of the muzzle of the Northern Belle. The breed was formed in the extremely harsh conditions of the Far North - this factor has invested in Eskimo dog sufficient resource of vitality which is necessary to survive in extreme conditions. Moreover, the dog had not only to survive but also to perform an extra heavy work. A bit frightening appearance, strong-willed, stubborn character - all these features are due to the way of life that was imposed to the dog by a man (maybe something like http://interviewpalin.com/color-genomics-reviews.html).

In Greenland and Alaska Eskimo dogs were actively used as working sled dogs. They were widely used for hard physical work, hunting for bear and other animals. Eskimo dogs are excellent transport dogs as there are no other breeds equal to them. They are able to overcome vast distances, carrying heavy loads. These dogs usually live about 12-13 years depending on the living conditions.

How Much Does a Canadian Eskimo Dog Cost and Price Range

As a rule you won't find the price for this breed which will be lower than $1000-$1200. The price will depend on the breeder and the quality of the puppy. The show quality puppies may cost even more. But this breed is worth this money!

Canadian Eskimo Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Externally, Eskimo dog has all the hallmarks of Spitz-like dogs, which, in fact, they are themselves. Eskimo dogs are large but compact animals that have a harmonious body. They have well-developed muscles, powerful legs and broad blades. Tail is set high and rounded on the back.

Their wool structure is identical to other's northern dogs: long awn of the hair and thick dense undercoat. The color may be different as there are no limitations according to the breed standards. A two-layer structure and the subcutaneous fat, lubricating wool makes these dogs being able not to freeze in the harsh winter and endure the most severe cold. Their height is about 51-69 cm and they weigh about 27-48 kg.

Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

In its natural habitat, the Canadian Eskimo dogs, like other sled dogs, are located next to a man only in winter, when they carry sledges, in summer most of them are stray dogs, if the same person does not use them as pack animals.

Everyone knows that this breed of dogs as well as any wolf, can't be domesticate well, this is due to the freedom-loving nature of the dogs which have much from wolves. The dogs of this breed need a lot of physical exercise in order to be health, otherwise they can be sick with the hip dysplasia.

If you are looking for the dog to keep in the flat, this breed is not your choice. They are friendly but more independent than other breeds and don't require much attention of the owner.

November 30, 2016